Terramazonia: commitment to your well-being and the sustainable development of the Amazon Forest.

Terramazonia was born from the inspiration of scientists with the purpose of promoting the connection between the latent need for health and well-being through healthy eating, the preservation of the Amazonian biodiversity and the economic sustainability of local producers. The products offered by Terramazonia are developed based on empirical knowledge and scientific research, through our team's extensive knowledge of Amazonian biodiversity assets. We have developed differentiated drying processes, whose main purpose is to bring all the benefits of Amazonian assets to the consumer's routine.

Terramazonia is a technology-based industry, founded in 2014 and headquartered in Manaus, one of the largest cities in the Amazon, which has an excellent airport structure allowing an easy flow of products manufactured there. The proximity of producing communities in the Amazon allows access to the in natura food, which are the basis of Terramazonia products.

Why choose Terramazonia?

• We only work with natural ingredients in the composition of products, which allows us to provide consumers with a more natural and healthier diet in their routine.

• We take advantage of the richness of the Amazonian biodiversity, delivering to our customers the flavors, properties and benefits of Amazonian superfruits and plants, so that they can insert these foods with high nutritional value into their routine.

• We develop the local bioeconomy, valuing and protecting the biodiversity of the forest and the people who inhabit it. One of the focuses of Terramazonia is to provide a sustainable and recurring income so that these populations continue to plant and maintain extractive activities, thus helping in the economic development and preservation of the Amazon.

Terramazonia Products:

Terramazonia has two main product lines: The Amazonian fruits in powder, dehydrated in order to preserve the sensory and functional properties of these fruits, providing new flavors and nutritional value for those who want quality of life and well-being through healthy eating.

The other line is is composed by functional powder drinks containing a blend of natural actives from fruits and plants indicated for a specific functionality. These formulations complement a healthy diet keeping the body active and balanced.

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From the Amazon to the world: take Terramazonia products to your country

Contact us and receive the flavors and functionality of Amazon assets wherever you are. When you receive our naturally functional foods, supplements and ingredients, rest assured that they have been carefully researched and developed, backed by science and with the aim to revolutionize your quality of life!

Terramazonia: natural food obtained from the biodiversity of the Amazon at your fingertips!